Campfire Banana Boats

22 October 2015, News, Recipe

Open up the banana and keep it in the skin. Sprinkle in chocolate chips and marshmallows.

Smart Camping: Sage on fire

22 October 2015, News, Tip

Summer is here and so are the mosquitos. To keep camping areas free from these annoying insects, remember this smart camping tip.

Ensuring after sales service excellence

22 October 2015, News

To help Campworld dealerships around the country continually improve the quality of their after sales service to customers, Jurgens Ci has been implementing a Workshop Grading Programme since 2008.

New Howling Moon XT/LT Trailer Tent PVC Cover

22 October 2015, New Products, News

A brand new and improved trailer tent PVC cover is being introduced for all new Howling Moon XT and LT trailer tents and will be available with immediate effect.

Introducing: Jurgens Safari XT140 DARK

22 October 2015, News

As an added alternative in the current XT range, a bold and more aggressive version of the XT140 will be available from October 2015! The Jurgens Safari XT140 DARK.